I guess you could say we surprised everyone last week when we spontaneously decided to livestream the Walker Valley’s Spring Band Concert only thirty minutes before it started! With no prior announcement, I was shocked to see nearly 50 people were tuning into the concert – and these viewers stayed with us for nearly three hours!

It was such an honor to livestream the final concert of our beloved Band Director, Alan Hunt. The auditorium was completely packed, with many people standing in the back. We even had a small audience in the media center during the performance tuning into our livestream. We were blessed to take part in honoring his legacy that night!

We had some unexpected audio issues the first few minutes, but we were able to sort those out. It was amazing to see all my students come together to produce such a phenomenal production – the camerawork, graphics, sound and direction were fantastic! The concert now has over 600 views on our channel.

This is the first of many livestream productions here at Walker Valley LIVE. Join us as we continue in our mission to provide quality content for the Walker Valley community!

It all starts here.

-Nate McKay, Broadcast Journalism Teacher